Day 1

Arrive Cairo ‘Welcome to Egypt’

Welcome to Cairo, Egypt

Our representative will meet and assist you at Cairo International Airport and then

escort you to the hotel by exclusive air-conditioned deluxe vehicle. At the hotel he will

assist with a smooth check-in and review your itinerary with you to establish and

confirm pick-up times for each tour. Overnight in Cairo.

Welcome Drink

Day 2 (B-L-D)

Tour to Giza Pyramids and Sakkara:

Today, after breakfast we start our tour with a very special visit to the Giza Plateau.

As we connect with the energies here you will feel a sense that a doorway opens

between dimensions. We will crawl through ancient passages and in doing so we

delve into the deepest corners of your soul. The Great Pyramid represents your

Crown chakra which aligns to the King Chamber— it therefore represents the core

Centre of the human brain. Listen closely as you awaken your inner being with

a sunrise excursion to theValley Temple of Khafre — as you connect to this site,

you will hear the incredible sounds of the entire city. The Sphinx is 'the soul star'

pathway to accessing ancient knowledge through meditation, whereby seeing all

things through an expanded place of awareness. This is the Brow chakra, your 3rd

eye. Therefore it is possible to see all things as they truly are with no questions or


After lunch we continue and visit Sakkara, which corresponds to the Throat chakra. This

temple is aligned with the God Thoth, the enlightened communicator — the holy scribe

and wisdom keeper. Sakkara opens the portal to communication, growth and speaking

ones higher personal truth. This intuitive Centre is associated with the gift of teaching,

communication, and cultural knowledge. when the Pyramids were build the ancient

Egyptians possessed an intimate understanding our Universe. They understood the

procession of the equinoxes, advanced mathematics and astronomy.

Next we visit to Perfume palace and Papyrus museum. You will see how the ancient

Egyptians made the papyrus which is still in use today. At the perfume palace you can

indulge in the best perfume Egypt to offer.

Dinner and overnight Cairo hotel.

Day 3 (B-L-D)

Karnak and Luxor Temples:

Early morning flight to Luxor:

Start the day by visiting Karnak Temple — this temple represents the Solar Plexus.

Karnak describes the process of the creation of the universe manifest with the descent

of spirit into matter. The essence of Karnak comes alive in a small sanctuary dedicated

to Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of love and war. At Sekhmet's enclave, experience the

magnificent energies that she offers. Karnak is also home to the outdoor museum of


We next visit Luxor Temple which is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra — Luxor

temple is described as the structure of the human body. This temple has an amazing

energy. The temple itself was known as ‘ipet resyt’ — the Southern harem — it was

founded during the New Kingdom around 1400 BC. The temple is dedicated to Amun,

Mut, and Khonsu and was the focus of one of the most important religious festivals in

ancient Egypt — the annual Opet Festival. During this festival the cult statues of Amun,

Mut and Khonsu would travel from Karnak along the avenue of the Sphinx to Luxor. As a

result, the temple is not aligned to the river (as was the usual practice) but to the

temple complex at Karnak.

Day 4 (B-L-D)

Dendera and Abydos Temples:

The most beautiful of the temples on the Nile is the sanctuary at Dendera — dedicated

to Hathor, the goddess of love — naturally, this Centre corresponds to the Heart chakra.

Abydos Temple is also associated with the Heart chakra. Osirion temple. Abydos is

known as the place of healing and transformation. Overnight in Luxor.

Day 5 (B-L-D)

Luxor and West Bank Tour (Optional private tour to Hatshepsut Temple)

This morning we take breakfast at the hotel before visiting the West Bank and the

temple ElDeir el Bahari, the funerary temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. The

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari was known in ancient times as ‘the

Holy of Holies’. This site chosen by Hatshepsut for her temple was the product of precise

strategic calculations — it was situated not only in a valley considered sacred for over

500 years to the principal feminine goddess connected with the funeral world, but also

on the axis of the temple of Amun of Karnak.The middle level of this three tiers temple

holds the chapels of Anubis and Hathor — next we continue to the Valley of the Kings.

These tombs are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology. The paintings are as if

they were painted just recently. A visit to the Colossi of Memnon.

(Optional Tour to do Hot Air Balloon)

Overnight in Luxor.

Day 6 (B-L-D)

Luxor - Dahabiya Nile Cruise tour Starting in Esna:

After you've boarded the Dahabiya and the anchor is lifted, the vessel will glide silently

along the Nile. The first stop is 15km away at El-Kab. This was once a glorious city, but is

now a city of ruins which has a reasonably intact city wall. It was one of the oldest

settlements of Upper Egypt and dedicated to Nekhbet, the white vulture goddess who

was the embodiment of Hathor. This site was a religious Centre that dates from the pre-

Dynastic period. After you've had a chance to look around, you'll return to the vessel

and your Nile cruise will continue. We will moor overnight on a small island in the

middle of the Nile.

Day 7 (B-L-D)

Sailing to Edfu - Horus Temple - Wadi el Shat:

After breakfast we sail to Edfu, the Dahabiya crew will drop anchor and you'll visit the

best preserved cult temple in Egypt — here we are still in the area of the sacral chakra

where you will connect with your hidden emotions. The majestic temple of Horus, built

in honor of this falcon headed God— his temple is just as impressive as Karnak temple in

Luxor. After the temple visit you continue sailing towards the town of Wadi El Shat

where you walk through the countryside and tropical gardens. At days end you'll

spend a relaxing evening onboard your Dahabiya.

Day 8 (B-L-D)

Sailing to Kom Ombo:

After breakfast the Dahabiya will set sail along the Nile once more. You will relax on

deck as the vessel glides silently along while you watch workers tending their fields as

they have done for centuries.

Then our vessel will moor at Gebel El Silsila and the Temple of Pharaoh Horemheb.

You can also visit the ancient stone quarry where colossal stones were cut for the

temple of Karnak. Upon your return to your vessel the crew will have prepared for you

luncheon delights. After lunch while you relax once more the crew will set sail to our

next destination —one of the highlights of this Nile cruise —the majestic double

Temples of Horus and Sobek at Kom Ombo. Upon our return to the vessel you will be

enchanted — in your absence the crew will have prepared for you a candlelight dinner

on an island in the middle of the Nile.

Day 9 (B-L-D)

Daraw - Sailing to El Koubania:

After breakfast its time to set sail and head towards the town of Daraw which is famous

for its camel market. The Dahabiya will dock at El Koubania where you can meet the

Nubians and find out more about their way of life. Stroll through the towns dusty

streets which lead you to the colorful and lively souks.

At days end you spend the night onboard.

Day 10 (B-L-D)

Arrival to Aswan with tours:

There only a short distance left to sail until the vessel reaches Aswan. Once we dock

you will be saying farewell to your captain and his crew.

We will start our tour in Aswan which is a major city along the Nile— it is considered the

Root Chakra. The main god of Aswan is Khnum, the ram-headed god — the god of

creation who sits at the potters wheel as he forms individuals out of clay. When visiting

Aswan, many people experience what is described as ‘a re-birth.’

There are visits to the temples of Philae Temple and the Unfinished

Obelisk. Afternoon tea in Old Cataract Aswan hotel, (The hotel was built in

1899 byThomas Cook to house European travelers. Its guests have

includedTsar Nicholas II,Winston Churchill, Howard Carter,Margaret

Thatcher,Jimmy Carter,Princess Diana,Queen Noor, andAgatha Christie, who

set portions of her novelDeath on the Nile, at the hotel.

Flight to Cairo, overnight hotel Cairo

*(Optional visit to the Nubian Village)

Day 11 (B-L-D)

Cairo Sightseeing.

Start your tour with your personal guide to visit: Egyptian Museum including the

magnificent Tutankhamen collection — alongside many other fascinating artefacts. For

those who wish there is an additional visit to the mummy's room at the museum (extra

ticket on spot). Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Cairo. We will then then

move to visit Saladin citadel including Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque — we continue

onto Coptic Cairo to visit the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue. When we have

finished here we will drive to Islamic Cairo — where you will be able to explore Khan El

Khalili, Cairo’s oldest bazaar. Back to the hotel to relax before the stunning ‘Sound and

light show’ at Giza Pyramids.

Return to hotel and overnight in Cairo.

Day 12 (B-)

Final departure:

You will be transferred to Cairo International Airport, where we will leave you for your

international flight home. We wish you safe travel and fond memories.


The program includes the following services:

1- 04 nights at a 5 star Hotel in Cairo based half board.

2- 04 nights Dahabiya Cruise based on full board.

3- 03 night at a 5 stars Hotel in Luxor full board.

4- All visits and entrance fees of all sightseeing as mentioned in program.

5- All meals as mentioned. (B-L-D)

6- Transportation and transfers by private air-conditioned vehicle.

7- English speaking tour guide.

8- Meet and assist at the airport upon arrival and departure

9- Transportation from Nile Cruise to Old Cataract hotel

• Cairo excursions:

Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx — Sakkara — Perfume Palace — Papyrus Museum

— Egyptian Museum — citadel of Salah El Din — Mohamed Ali Musque — Old Cairo —

Khan El Khalili Bazaar — Sound and Light Show

• Aswan excursions:

El-Kab —Edfu Temple — Kom Ombo Temple — Philae Temple — Unfinished Obelisk.

• Luxor excursions:

Hatshepsut Temple — Karnak Temple — Luxor Temple — Dendera Temple — Abydos

Temple — Valley of the Kings — Colossi of Memnon.


1- Personal expenses

2- Extras at hotels

3- Extra sites or mileage not mentioned

4- Extra meals not mentioned in the program

5- Extra service or items not mentioned

6- Travel Insurance

7- Tips

8- Egypt entry visa

9- Optional visits and tours

10- The afternoon tea at Cataract Hotel in Aswan

Please note:

➢ Prices do-not include international air-fare

➢ All Prices are inclusive of Taxes and Service charge.

➢ Clients are meet and assisted at airport by company representatives.

➢ All Transfers with our Air-Conditioned coaches.

➢ Above rates exclude Egypt entry visa, Tips and Gratuities.

➢ Without any prior notice the program sequence may change to meet with the Nile

Cruise embarkation schedule. Cruise may start in Luxor and end in Aswan, therefore

sightseeing schedule may change but all sights in the program will be covered.

➢ The above rates are based on the number of persons during the above‐mentioned

period. Any changes in group numbers may lead us to change quoted rate.

➢ Official check-in time at the hotel is 15:00 hrs

➢ Official check-out time from the hotel is 12:00 noon.

➢ Official check-out time from the hotel is 12:00 noon

➢ Official embarkation on the cruise, before lunch around 11:00 hrs.

➢ Official disembarkation from the cruise after breakfast is10:00 hrs.

Important notes:

Price is quoted in US dollars. Please be aware that in the event of raising fuel, increased

sales and government taxes, increase of entrance fees or the Dollar exchange rate to

Egyptian pound— a supplement may be required to cover these costs which are beyond

our control. In this eventuality, you will be advised of any required surcharge no later

than 40 days prior to your arrival. In this advent you will be advised to include this

amount in your final payment.

Dahabya Cruise  :  Princess Donia Or similar                  5 *****

Cairo :                    Mina House Le Meridian Pyramids    5 ***** Luxury

Luxor :                    Sonesta San George                         5 ***** Luxury

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