This type of tours is presenting a completely different concept about Ancient Egypt, in this type of tour we present the alternative theories, the scientific opinions and the connections between Ancient Egypt and the Ancient world. You will know more about Kemet, Kemet is the official name for Egypt in the Ancient times. You will have access to many closed sites and explore many hidden corners in each site like the White chapel, the Red chapel, Sekhmet chapel in Luxor and the hospital at Sakkara. A private visit to the Great Pyramid is included and maybe some other place like the Osirion shaft in Giza, the Sphinx and the Osirion temple in Abydos.
Mohamed Ibrahim the leading expert tour guide will be the main speaker in these tours, in lecture rooms Mohamed will lecture you about the Ancient Egyptian lost technologies and about the Ancient Egyptian advanced knowledge.

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The Mer-Ka-Ba Tour

Duration : 13 Days Tour starts at :  March 17th, 2021 Type: : Joining    

Return of Kheper Cycle I

Duration : 15 Days    Tour starts at :  June 11th,2021 Type: : Joining  

Secrets of the Ancients Tour I

Duration : 16 Days Tour starts at :  March 01st,2021 Type: : Joining  

Grand Egypt Tour II

Duration : 13 Days Tour starts at :  May 18th, 2021 Type: : Joining    
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